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Welcome, earthling.

My name is Ulf Rompe. This is a portal to all (well, not yet) sites related to me. It is in it's early stages and the list of links will grow a bit, but for now you will have to stick with what you see.


Ulf Rompe

Did you know?

The word "rompe" is norwegian for "ass".

"rompe" also exists in several other languages and stands for "vomit", "being rude", "breaking" and "destruction".

The Prior-Art-O-Matic says: Ulf Rompe is a screwdriver that doesn't take no for an answer!

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	  Added Prior-Art-O-Matic link.
	  Changed font size of changelog.
	  Revision 1.13  2002/10/16 12:52:22  ulf
	  Add norwegian translation of "rompe".
	  Revision 1.12  2002/10/14 19:04:07  ulf
	  Added octobrish image
	  Revision 1.11  2002/10/14 10:25:35  ulf
	  Updated description for the Blog wich is now
          up and running.
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	  Added link.
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	  Preformat this changelog.
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	  Added Mirror Project Link.

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